Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Simple Question

Yesterday a friend asked me how my year is going.

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer. Not with moi. It's funny how one can complicate the simplest of questions.

When he asked, I was sort of taken aback. It actually took a second for me to process the question. I can't recall anyone ever asking me that before and being sincerely interested in hearing the answer.

So he asked. And, since I'm always so on top of things, I answered. With a question. "What month is it?"


What ensued was a rather lengthy explanation full of all the things I haven't done, I need to do or I plan to do. By the time I was finished, he may have been sorry he asked.
I wasn't.

It has taken me a long time to realize that, if not kept in check, I tend to jump off the track. With a certain quickness.
I think I may possibly be on track to keeping one of my New Years Resolutions.

So I ask you. With March being the last month of the first quarter of the new year, are you satisfied with what you've accomplished for the year so far?
If not, you may want to check this out: Why You’re Not Doing The Things You Said You Wanted To.
Stay Real

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bleary said...

I'm guessing that your friend is not at all sorry for asking you that question. In fact I can almost guarantee it! And I bet you even helped him out with respect to answering how his month, quarter and year are going.

If I were him, I'd be saying a big THANK YOU to you.