Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear Cherry Pie,

I think I've found a way for us to be together one more time. The best part is, Dr. Anna won't even have a clue! Accountability, schmaccountability. Blech!!!
Guess what! I've worked out these past two days. Today I've only eaten nuts and fruit and I drank a ton of lemon water. As long as I can keep that up all day, she'll never know the difference. The night is OURS!!!
Since this could be our final rendezvous, lets pull out all the stops. Melted Butter. Ice Cream. Whipped Cream. YUMMM. I know how you love all that stuff. We're gonna have some fun tonight *wink*.

So, my love, get ready. We are in for a night to remember. Keep it on the DL...


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