Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Covenant Relationship

We had our family reunion this past week and it was a complete blast! Two of my brothers (and their families) came in from Cali. One actually relocated back to the east coast--where he belongs! My mother and sister came from Georgia, so we filled a couple of houses--and a couple of hotel rooms. We hadn't all
been together since my brother's wedding a few years ago, so we were long overdue.

Somehow, even though there were like, a million of us, we all pretty much got along. Probably because we hadn't all been together in such a long time. So, there was nothing at our reunion like those Tyler Perry movies. We swam, ate, sang (Michael Jackson songs, of course), drank, danced, yelled, murmurred, complained, argued (mostly about Prince vs MJJ. Who knew there was such a rivalry amongst musicians. We decided comparing Prince & MJJ is like comparing apples to oranges), learned, loved--and nobody pulled a knife on anybody. Although there was a close call during the pictionary game. Girls RULE!!! Oh, and none of the men in the family ended up dressed like a woman. Go figure. All in all, it was a fantastic time! Family is awesome.

Anyway, I usually wait until the Sunday Sermon to finish up my weekly posts. This week is no different--it just took me a little longer to recover from last week. Plus, I forgot to take pictures, so I had to wait for some of my brethren to post some pics so I could finish this post. I'm still waiting.

My pastor told us that in any covenant relationship there will be disagreements. What exactly is a covenant relationship? A relationship that is covenanted. Just kidding. According to Wikipedia, a covenant, in its most general sense, is a solemn promise to engage in or refrain from a specified action.

We love each other. From the top to the bottom, youngest to the oldest, yellowest to the brownest, we love each other. We are a blended family, of many races, varying opinions, many abilities and at different stages of our lives.

Our reunion was everything a reunion should be--we engaged in love and refrained from anything that moved us away from it.

Not a bad covenant.

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Mocha Dad said...

Gotta love family.