Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pucker Up!

I work as a make-up artist with Motives Cosmetics, a cosmetics company I absolutely love. I love it so much that I probably own every product that they have ever come out with.

There was almost one exception to my collection: the lip plumper.

I am usually the guinea pig for all of the products I choose to market. By choice. The lip plumper, however, presented me with a couple of unique issues.
Number one: Suppose it didn't work. (I'm not exactly sure why I had this issue with this particular product. This has never been an issue before.)
Number two: Suppose it did work. (Lip plumpers give me visions of Hollywood lip enhancement mishaps and plastic surgery horror stories.)

Since I was being a big baby, somebody else had to test it. I embarked on a little marketing venture. I sat down with a few clients and friends and tried to demonstrate our new offering.

What ensued wasn't pretty. If you are at all familiar with females of the negroid persuasion, lip plumper is a BAD word. (They must have those same lip enhancement visions dancing in their heads!)
My friends were skeptical. My clients ran. One of my clients literally jumped up from the table and backed away from me. Another one crossed her two index fingers at me, as if to keep me from draining the lifeblood from her body.

Obviously, I needed to rethink my whole marketing strategy.

I did--and it worked! Soon my "lip plumper" became my "clear lip gloss conditioner that's just a little tingly." I got a couple of my clients and a few of my thin-lipped friends to try it and got some good reviews.

Then it was my turn. Here are my results:

See the difference?!!
OK, so, the second picture looks like the first picture, just a little shinier.
Look closely, though--the plumpiness is there.

I will say that this plumper has a cumulative effect--the more you wear it, the better the result. My lips are "plumper" now than they were a few weeks ago when I first started wearing it. I guess that's the "filler effect". It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which gives your lips a fuller look.

It has a nice texture and my lips feel better--supple is the word I'm looking for. Even when I'm not wearing it.

All in all, I'm glad I worked up the courage to try it. Especially now that summer is here-- I prefer minimal make up when it's hot outside. I can use it by itself or layer it on top of my lipstick or lip gel.
Because, after all, what's better than a nice summertime pucker?

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