Sunday, May 24, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Today one of my Sunday School students told me that whether you're the student or the teacher, you are still the student.

In class today I had to tell him (for the 700th time) to stop texting and pay attention to the lesson, to which he replied something like "well, you have your phone".

I explained to him, very patiently, that I am the teacher. What I say goes in the classroom and, when he becomes the teacher, he can run his class any way he sees fit. (In a very Christian manner.)
He mumbled something unintelligible under his breath. I asked 'if he would like to be the teacher'. He gave a big NO and made the above statement.

I couldn't be mad at him. And, of course I know that we should all be learning every day of our lives, but, this comes from a young man that has come a long way. His background is not privleged--it can pretty much be described as disadvantaged. He's attended church and Sunday school for the past five years, on his own. I am proud of him!

He reminded me of "Sista Know-it-All" who once told me that she grew up with a preacher father, so there was nothing new the preacher could teach her. Or "Brotha Can't-Tell-Me-Nothin" who mocked Joel Osteen's preaching style, even as he chased down all the PYTs in the congregation.
They could learn a thing or two from him! My preacher said in his sermon today that if you are coming to church and leaving the same way you came, we haven't done our job. I agree!
Today, the teacher became the student. Thanks, J!

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