Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everybody's Got Their Something

The Githens Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities and their families. For over 55 years they have provided programs and services that are uniquely designed to help individuals to reach their highest level of independence.

They are holding their 21st Annual Bike and Walk-A-Thon-Saturday, June, 6, 2009. Because of the nature of the school, the kids are unable to participate in typical school fundraisers, so they depend on these types of fundraisers to get the funds they need to run the programs needed by the students.

My son, Julian, has attended Githens since he was 6, when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness which left him incapacitated. He is now 19.

I encourage you to give! These days, it seems everyone is in need of something. We are constantly bombarded with requests for help. It's easy to become jaded and not think twice about tossing these requests into the round file.

I'm here to put a face on the cause. Without the help from the Githens Center, we may not even be here right now. And you guys would be very sad. :(

So, don't be jaded! Everybody really needs help! I need help! This may not be the cause for you, but there is probably some cause tugging at your heart. You may feel the need to help Feed the Children or Rebuild New Orleans. Don't put it off--check it out!

And, if you know of anyone in the South Jersey/ Philadelphia area that would like to take a nice walk or ride through the beautiful Pine Barrens of New Jersey--send them my way!

Want to help? Click here!

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MsKnowitAll said...

I used to have a lot of family in the NJ/Philly area, however I will pass this info on to my brother who still lives in South Jersey.

If we don't reach out to help each other, then we truly serve no purpose.

Thank you for sharing.